Yuba City Residential Rental Development

Multi-Site Project 45 Min from Sacramento

Investment Summary

Yuba City, CA was ranked as one of the 2015 “Best-Performing Small Cities” in America by the Milken Institute, which recognizes trends and factors that power regional growth. The City’s ranking was calculated using data related to job creation, wage gains and technology trends that shape current and potential growth patterns. Overall, Yuba City ranked 26th in the nation in the Milken report. Only two other cities in California ranked higher.

The stock of residential rental properties in Yuba City is limited relative to growing demand.  It’s also about 15 years in average age.  Endvest has joined with a local partner who has more than 20 years of experience in building and managing residential housing in the area to develop two (2) communities in the Yuba City area. One will be 175-unit complex in Yuba City and the other a 75-unit community in neighboring Marysville, CA.  Savings in land acquisition and construction costs makes this investment relatively safe and highly profitable.  The opportunity is to provide JV equity as a limited partner with a preferred rate of return of 12% plus a significant participation in the profits farm sale to an institutional buyer after construction and rent-up is completed.

Portfolio Details

Stage New Build – Two Sites
Class Residential Rental
Total Units 244 Units
Total Sqft SF 295,000 sqft

Equity Investment Highlights

Min Investment $1,000,000
Target Raise $9,000,000
Deal Size $45,000,000
IRR 32.5%
Equity Multiple 1.64x
Investment Period 2 Years


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