Organic Olive Tree Farming

3600 Acres in Blythe, CA w/ Water Rights

Investment Summary

A long-term investment thesis to own or lease a portfolio of California farmland allows prudent investors to earn above market short-term rates of return from farming operations and excellent long-term returns from leasehold rights. Land control through leases containing strong water rights ensures a long-term hedge against inflation, a hedge against climate change leading to food supply disruptions from overseas, and a hedge against drought causing tightening water supplies for California’s growing population.

Olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is financially attractive as a target crop. They thrive on poor soils and use significantly less water than grapes, citrus or nut trees. Despite rapid industry growth, California still produces only 5% of US EVOO consumption, requiring the US to import 95% of its domestic needs. California’s oil quality surpasses most imports, demonstrating the potential for future exports, once domestic supply needs are met.

Portfolio Details

Stage Clear Land – Farm Ready
Class Farm/Agricultural Assets
Total Land 3600 Acres
Crops Olives for EVOO & Annual Crops

Equity Investment Highlights

Min Investment $2,000,000
Target Raise $7,600,000
Deal Size $20,000,000
IRR 21.1%
Equity Multiple 4.3x
Investment Period 10 Years


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