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Multi-Family Projects around Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Investment Summary

As the jewel of the City of Oakland, Lake Merritt is one of the most unique urban spaces in the United States. Its 3.4 mile heart-shaped shoreline in the center of an exceptionally diverse city where individuals and nature migrate, meet and mingle daily. It is also home to the oldest designated wildlife refuge (1870) in the United States.  Many are coming to Oakland for other reasons as well.  The city is going through enormous transformation with new companies, tech staff and families coming across the East Bay for more affordable office space and housing including Uber International. Housing is in very short supply creating significant opportunities for investors of new rental an condominium units.

ENDVEST and its local partners are developing several properties along the Lake Merritt neighborhood.  One is nearly ready to begin construction as a 25-unit luxury condominium community (the first new condos in the area for the past 15 years) some with views of the Lake other of the Oakland hills.  With buses to San Francisco at the front door and walking distance to the BART station, this unique project is destined to be quickly absorbed by those fleeing the high rents across the Bay.  Residents will enjoy upgraded finishes and wonderful outdoors with the unique lifestyle around Lake Merritt.  Exceptionally well located off the highway with major attractions like UC Berkeley only minutes away.   Investors can participate directly into the project as limited partners or construction lender at a very attractive entry point which in-turn provides exceptional returns with relatively low risk for both equity and debt investors.

Portfolio Details

Stage Ground-Up Development
Class Residential For-Sale Condos
Unit Count 25 units
Total Sqft 50,000 sqft

Equity Investment Highlights

Min Investment $2 Million
Target Raise $5 Million
Deal Size $17 Million
IRR 30.0% – 40.0%
Equity Multiple 1.7x – 2.0x
Investment Period 24 Months

Debt Investment Highlights

Min Investment $12 Million
Target Raise $12 Million
Deal Size $17 Million
Loan-to-Cost 68%
Stabilized Return on Cost +6.3%


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