Industrial Greenhouse Facility

In Imperial Valley, CA w/ On-Site Renewable Power Plant

Investment Summary

Commercial greenhouses or hothouses have become high tech production facilities for vegetables, flowers and most recently cannabis. The glass greenhouses are equipped with screening, heating, cooling, lighting, and controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. When such facilities are coupled with parasitic power generation from renewable clean sources of fuel such as biomass or green waste, the financial returns for investors can be as dramatic as the environmental benefits and beyond.

ENDVEST and exceptionally qualified local farmers and energy producers are in the design phase of a multi-functional facility that is transposing a biomass power plant location that will produce clean energy and bio-fuels.  Some of the power and clean fuels will be sold to local utilities and users of the fuel but most will go to support a 2.0 million square feet of greenhouse farming in the Imperial Valley region in southern California.  The greenhouses will be leased on short and long-term basis to local and national farming entities with the on-site power and other services already in place.  This turn-key facility will provide exceptional value, convenience and flexibility to the tenants and thereby generating extraordinary profits to the ENDVEST investor.  This is also one of ENDVEST’s IMPACT projects that is earmarked to bring about positive change to our world while delivering income to our partners.

Portfolio Details

Stage Asset Repositioning & Value-Add
Class Industrial w/ Indoor Farming
Acres 160+ Acres
Total Sqft 6.0 Million sqft

Equity Investment Highlights

Min Investment $2,500,000
Target Raise $40 Million
Deal Size $100 Million
IRR 30.0%
Equity Multiple 3.5x
Investment Period 3 – 5 Years

Debt Investment Highlights

Min Investment $5,000,000
Target Raise $60 Million
Deal Size $100 Million
Loan-to-Cost 60%
Stabilized Return on Cost +8.0%


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